Extremes within the urban landscape

*lat. extremus = outermost, farthest, very intense, extending far beyond the norm


The program is an investigation of extreme urban environments, special forms of spatial organizations and extreme urban conditions. The focus is lying on cities, conurbations and urban landscapes beyond the European context. Which urban environments do we understand as `extreme` in contrast to the urban pattern of the European city?

The research studio is looking at cities in a globalized world and discovers and identifies urban patterns, documents distinct urban phenomena and interprets the findings. Investigations cover traditional, modern, formal or informal urban structures. The thematic exploration of urban environments ranges from looking at infrastructure and ecology, to questions of housing, urban systems and form.

The spatial and typological analysis is recessed by the study of the local urban history, socio cultural situation and the economic development.

Following questions should be answered:

– Which typologies of urban patterns exist beyond the European region?
– From which conditions do extreme forms of urban development emerge?
– Looking at the global urban development, can we recognize a tendency of similarity and uniformity of urban concepts or do regional urban typologies with well defined characteristics and differences exist?

The intent of the program is to strengthen the ability to read, identify and understand urban patterns and urban phenomena.


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